Remedy Kombucha

$39.75 for 12
Raspberry Lemonade
Hibiscus Kiss
Ginger Lemon
Apple Crisp
Cherry Plum
Ginger Berry

8 Flavours

To be ordered in cartons of 12 multiples of 3 per flavour $39.75 per carton.

Sarah Wilson's favourite Kombucha

Remedy Kombucha is the only kombucha to have an official tick of approval from the team at I Quit Sugar (IQS). We are very proud to be the favoured kombucha of IQS founder, Sarah Wilson, pictured above, who has been one of our biggest and most long-standing supporters!

We believe a kombucha that is low in sugar and high in live organic acids and healthy bacteria is the most beneficial to gut health. Which is why we’ve made an effort to brew kombucha with the lowest sugar content possible.

The raw sugar used to brew our kombucha is essential food for the culture, however we’ve perfected our long-aged fermenting process to remove all the raw organic sugar. That means Remedy Kombucha naturally contains no sugar, is fructose-free and suitable to drink if you’ve quit the sweet stuff or are trying to!


Raspberry Lemonade – 330ml
Your all-time favourite, all grown up. Delicious & nutritious lip smacking goodness in a bottle.
Cherry Plum – 330ml
Red cherries + Kakadu plum. A taste bud tango. Ripe for the drinking.
Hibiscus Kiss – 330ml
Flowery, flirty and a little fiery. Real, whole hibiscus leaves add flavour and colour
Ginger Lemon – 330ml
A familiar-yet-fresh take on a classic flavour combo. Hot and sour. Fiery and tangy.
Apple Crisp – 330ml
Fresh and fruity. With tart, crisp notes, it really gives a crunch.
Original – 330ml
Tart, bubbly brew with apple cider notes. Sweet and sour. The perfect pick-me-up.
Ginger Berry – 330ml
A perfectly perky fizzy treat, this delicately luscious concoction pairs the real taste of ripe peach with just the right balance of sweet and sour. You’ll be bowled over by this fruity, fragrant flavour bomb that’s straight out of a summer farmers’ market fruit stall. Peachy keen jellybean!
Peach – 330ml
A touch spicy. Delightfully luscious. Berry tempting. A deliciously dazzling ‘booch blend of blueberry, strawberry, hibiscus and ginger. Brace yourself for this bombshell. You’re going to want to savour every sip of this full blown berry bliss.


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